Bonnland Festivity 2005

Every 5 years the German Army organizes the so called Bonnland Festivity. It is a big event in the former village of Bonnland in the middle of Hammelburg Military Training Area. This year the 6th Bonnland Festivity was combined with the 33rd Day of the Infantry, both took place from 17 to 19 June 2005. About 29,000 visitors came to see the event.
The village of Bonnland is still used as a training village for the German Army and has the shape of a 1945 German village. It is the most known little Frankish village in the world. This year was also the 110th anniversary of Hammelburg Military Training area.

Task Force Baum Working Group received the permission to have a exhibition about their research work. We received assistance by Film-Photo-Ton Museumsverein e. V. and by Living History Society Germany, who came as German and American Soldiers of World War II.

Film-Photo-Ton Museumsverein e. V. Gemünden

Museum für Militär- und Zeitgeschichte - Stammheim am Main

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Task Force Baum Working Group displayed in the stable behind Greifenstein Castle:

- Historical military vehicles:

  + German Tank Destroyer HETZER

  + German Kübelwagen

  + German SdKfz 251/1 Half-Track

  + German 75 mm Anti-Tank Gun

  + US M4A1 Tank

  + US Half-track M3

  + US Jeeps

- German and US military small arms and Uniforms

- Photos and documents about the Raid

- Movie of the 14th US-Armored Division advance from Gemünden to Hammelburg

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