Date and Time


When we compared German and American resources, we discovered a time difference of one hour. The reason for this is based on the fact that the Allied Forces used so so called Zone-Time. This Zone-Time was used worldwide and based on the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). In 1940 Germany  introduced the Central European Time (CET). Here an example:

2200 hours GMT is 2300 hours CET


In the following table we calculated the week days for the dates:

Date: Week Day: Holiday:
22 March 1945 Thursday
23 March 1945 Friday
24 March 1945 Saturday
25 March 1945 Sunday Palm Sunday
26 March 1945 Monday
27 March 1945 Tuesday
28 March 1945 Wednesday
29 March 1945 Thursday
30 March 1945 Friday Good Friday
31 March 1945 Saturday
1 April 1945 Sunday Easter Sunday
2 April 45 Monday Easter Monday


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