APO 254,                U. S. Army

24 April 1945


SUBJECT: After Action Report for the month of March 1945.
TO:  The Adjutant General, War Department, Washington, 25, D.C. (Thru Channels)  

Under the provision of Paragraph 10, AR 345-105, as changed by Change Number 3, the following After Action Report for this command is submitted.

..... Our advance continued against light enemy resistance and after a rapid advance a highway and RR bridge were captured intact over the MAIN River in the vicinity of ASCHAFFENBURG on 25 March 1945. A force of 2 Tank Cos and 2 Inf Cos crossed the river to hold, consolidate and secure the bridgehead. CCA on our north captured a bridge intact and was securing it against heavy enemy attacks. Enemy air continued to be active. CCB CP located at GROSSOSTHEIM.

Our bridgehead was secured after an enemy attack early in the morning by approx 11 SPs. Some of these SPs being knocked out and remainder continued to South. Orders were received that the 26th Infantry Division was to relieve our elements and we were to move north, enlarge the bridgehead at HANAU and continue rapidly on to GIESSEN. Plans for this move were made accordingly. Special TF Baum was organized with mission to move to HAMMELBURG to free an estimated 900 American PWs. This task force consisted of one medium tank company, 37th Tank Bn, one Armd Inf Co, 10th Armd Inf Bn, 1 Plat of light tanks, D/37, Assault Guns of 10th Armd Inf Bn. CCB was to attack SCHWEINHEIM and OBERNAU and TF was to be launched through our force and through these two towns. Three battalions of artillery were to support the attack and subsequent move of TF Baum. After relief in ASCHAFFENBURG bridgehead area on 27 March 1945 by elements of the 26th Infantry Division, CCB composed of 35, 51, 22, 66, Div Arty, C/25, C/704, B/46, B/126 and A/489, was moved to assembly area vicinity WEISKIRCHEN. The 37th Tank Bn and 10th Armd Inf Bn went under control of Reserve Command. Plans were made to pass through HANAU bridgehead early 28 March 1945. Assembled unit commanders were given verbal orders in the latest friendly and enemy situations. CCA had been receiving moderate resistance, mainly of time fire on the bridgehead area and SA fire within the city. CCB was to follow its usual procedure of attack and advance. CCB CP located at WEISKIRCHEN. No enemy contact, however, 8 PWs were picked up. TF Baum progressed well after launching its initial breakthrough attack. Heavy enemy resistance was encountered in the vicinity of GEMUENDEN and some of its force lost to enemy action. CCB maintaining radio communication with this task force received a request about mid-afternoon for air support and also the information that they were near their destination.

Our forward elements hit the I.P. at 05:30 h 28 March 1945 and advanced to the north from HANAU bridgehead area. At first, light enemy resistance was encountered consisting mainly of SA fire and mined road blocks. This resistance was overcome, however, and by 09:30 h our advance was meeting no resistance and progress was rapid. The Division objective of high ground E and S of GIESSEN was reached by approx 16:00 h .....

Copy from the US National Archives Washington DC,

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