After Action Report 4th Armored Division

27 March 1945 (Tuesday)

The following troop list went into effect at 19:00 h.

  CC A                     CC B               Reserve Command

   53                           51                     10 (-A, AG, Rcn)

   8                             35                     37 (-C, Plat D)

  A/25                         C/25                  D/489

  B/704                       C/704                24 (-A & B)

  B/24                         A/24                  A/704

  C/489                       A/489

  A/46                         B/46

  A/126                       B/126

  Division Troops                                  Supporting Troops

   25 (-A & C)                                        177th FA Group

   D/704                                                276th FA Bn

   A/10                                                 179th FA Bn

   Rcn & AG Platoon 10th                       191st FA Bn

   C/37, Plat D/37





The 328th Inf Regt of the 26th Inf Div was attached to CC A for the purpose of clearing GROSSAUHEIM and HANAU while the 101st Inf Regt took over the bridgehead positions of CC A so the units could prepare for an attack toward GIESSEN the following day. At 08:00 h, an enemy counterattack with infantry supported by artillery fire drove elements of the 26th Inf Div back to the MAIN River but by 09:15 h the situation was under control and the counterattack had been repulsed. The engineers completed the treadway bridge over the river at 15:00 h after several interruptions due to counterattacks and artillery fired. Elements of the 35th Tank Bn and 51st Armd Inf Bn, which had supported CC A in bridgehead operations, reverted to battalion control.


Early in the morning, elements of the 26th Inf Div began relieving CC B at the bridgehead south of ASCHAFFENBURG. At 18:00 h, the units of CC B moved from positions along the MAIN River south of ASCHAFFENBURG to an assembly area in the vicinity of WEISKIRCHEN. They followed a route through SCHAAFHEIM, BABENHAUSEN, DUDENHOFEN, and JUEGESHEIM. The CP also moved to WEISKIRCHEN. The 51st Armd Inf Bn, now in CC B, moved from ZELLHAUSEN at 10:47 h and closed in HAUSEN at 11:50 h.


The 37th Tank Bn and 10th Armd Inf Bn, which were now attached to Reserve Command, moved from the bridgehead south of ASCHAFFENBURG at 18:00 h via GROSSOSTHEIM, SCHAAFHEIM, and closed in BABENHAUSEN at 20:00 h.


Forward Echelon moved from ROSSDORF at 09:00 h and closed in JUEGESHEIM at 11:00 h.


Enemy losses for the day were 648 prisoners.

4th Armd Div casualties were:

                                   Killed              Wounded               Missing

Officers                        0                    1                            10

Enlisted Men               10                   20                          290

Copy from the US National Archives Washington DC,

Corrections of German place-names and

geographical names by Peter Domes
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