After Action Report 4th Armored Division

25 March 1945 (Sunday)

CC B continued the attack at 07:45 h from the vicinity of HAEHNLEIN, BICKENBACH and SEEHEIM were taken with no opposition. B/10 and B/37 entered OBER-BEERBACH and quickly cleared the town of small arms resistance. Approximately 400 prisoners surrendered without putting up much of a fight. JUNGENHEIM, NIEDER-MODAU, REINHEIM were taken by 09:30 h against scattered enemy small arms fire. A hospital was captured at JUNGENHEIM with approximately 300 wounded enemy soldiers. The column advance rapidly through SPACHBRUECKEN, HABITZHEIM, RICHEN, SCHAAFHEIM, GROSSOSTHEIM and reached the MAIN River south of ASCHAFFENBURG at 14:00 h. A highway bridge and a railroad bridge over the river were captured and elements of 10th Armd Inf Bn and the 37th Tank Bn quickly began to cross. After the 6th tank of D/37 had crossed the bridge collapsed due to damage done to it when the enemy attempted to blow it before our arrival. The engineers quickly reinforced the railroad bridge for other vehicles to cross and a bridgehead was established by 16:00 h. 150 enemy prisoners were taken form the woods near the bridgehead after our force had sprayed the woods with machine gun fire. At dusk several attempts by enemy planes to destroy the bridge were unsuccessful. At 17:30 h A & B/10 and B & C/37 entered ASCHAFFENBURG to clear the city, but orders were received to withdraw and set up a perimeter defense around the bridge. The CP of CC B moved to GROSSOSTHEIM. CC B had advanced rapidly against light resistance and the advance was so rapid that the enemy destroyed several supply dumps, as they had no time to transport the supplies to rear areas.

CC A continued the attack at 07:00 h from the vicinity of OBER-RAMSTADT. The force passed through ROSSDORF, GEORGENHAUSEN, GROSS-ZIMMERN, DIEBURG, and ALTHEIM without opposition. Considerable resistance from anti-aircraft guns was encountered at BABENHAUSEN until these enemy positions were destroyed. Moderate anti-aircraft fire was also encountered at ZELLHAUSEN. The column by-passed SELIGENSTADT and went on to seize a bridge over the MAIN River at KLEIN-AUHEIM. The bridge was damaged but infantry and tanks passed quickly and established a bridgehead at GROSSAUHEIM. At 20:00 h an enemy railroad train, loaded with troops, pulled into GROSSAUHEIM, and it appeared as though they were unaware of the presence of American troops. The train was mounted with 4 - 150mm guns and several anti-aircraft guns, A sharp fight ensured and our troops were forced back to the bridge before artillery fire broke up the enemy counter-attack. Positions north of the river were strongly outposted for the night. The CP of CC A moved to FROSCHHAUSEN.

After moving most of the previous night, Reserve Command closed in ESCHOLLBRUECKEN at 03:00 h. A task force from the 35th Tank Bn and 51st Armd Inf Bn was sent to clear DARMSTADT, entering the city at 13:30 h and reporting it clear at 14:30 h. There was no resistance as the city had been thoroughly bombed by the air force. At 16:00 h Reserve Command moved form ESCHOLLBRUECKEN to DIEBURG with the mission of blocking any enemy attacks between EBERSTADT and DIEBURG.

The rapid advance during the day covered approximately 40 miles in a period of 18 hours.

Forward Echelon left LEEHEIM at 16:15 h and closed in ROSSDORF at 19:30 h.

Enemy losses inflicted during the 24 March 1945 and 25 March 1945 included: 2.606 prisoners, 567 killed, 217 trucks, 128 staff cars, 21 75mm guns, 4 88mm guns, 27 20mm guns, 10 self-propelled guns, 2 anti-tank guns, 1 flak car with multi-barreled 20mm gun, 3 105mm guns, 26 anti-aircraft guns, 3 - 40mm guns, 2 motorcycles, 1 bus, 4 half-tracks, 20 wagons and 3 planes, 400 box cars, 4 locomotives, and 1 train full of enemy supplies and ammunition was captured at DIEBURG.

4th Armd Div casualties were:

                                   Killed              Wounded               Missing

Officers                        2                    5                            1

Enlisted Men               17                   60                          4

Copy from the US National Archives Washington DC,

Corrections of German place-names and

geographical names by Peter Domes
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