After Action Report 4th Armored Division

9 April 45 (Monday)

The division received orders from XX Corps to maintain present positions until further notice.

The units devoted most of the day to training, maintenance and recreation.  Driving instructions were given to reinforcements and some units fired on nearby ranges, using captured enemy vehicles as targets.  Red Cross clubmobiles visited the units and movies were shown to the men in the evening.  Several units sent officers and enlisted men to the concentration camp at Ohrdruf to witness the atrocities performed by the enemy.

Captain Baum, 10th Armored Infantry Battalion, leader of the task force to Hammelburg, returned to the division after having been wounded and captured by the enemy.

Copy from the library of the Armor Center School, Fort Knox, Ky., USA

Corrections of German place-names and geographical names:

Ulrich Koch, Berlin, Germany

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