Diary 37th Tank Battalion


The Liaison Officer arrived at 08:00 h with word that the Battalion was to be ready to move at 09:30 h.

Major Hunter went to CC"R". Upon his return, a Company Commander's meeting was hold. We were to be ready to, move any time after 12:00 h and were to follow CC"B". The order of march was to be: Rcn/704, Rcn/37, D/37 and assault guns of 37; A/37; C/10; Comd Group 37 and 10; HQs Reserve Command; Platoon of 24th Engrs; A/704; Division Forward; HQs 37 and 10; B/37, B/10; B/24; A Trains.

The head of the column moved out at 14:15 h covered a distance of fifty miles, and arrived at MÜNZENBURG at 22:30 h.

Colonel Blanchard, CO of CC"R", arrived at the CP at 23:00 h and discussed plans for movement of Reserve Command in the morning behind CC"A".

Copy from the US National Archives Washington DC,

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