Diary 37th Tank Battalion


The CO of the 3rd Battalion, 104th Infantry Regiment, arrived about 07:30 h to make plans with Major Hunter to relieve us.

At 08:00 h, Lt. Ogden our Liaison Officer, arrived with word that we were to move before noon.

At 10:00 h, word was received that we were in CC"R".

During the morning B/37 was relieved by elements of the 26th Division and crossed back over the MAIN River shortly after 12:00 h.

Mr. Sommaripa, of the Psychological Warfare Bureau, left the Battalion this afternoon to join CC"B".

Word was sent to the Companies that we would go into an assembly area in the vicinity of BABENHAUSEN. The order of march was D plus assault guns, A, HQ Co, B, and Service.

The Battalion moved out at about 18:30 h and arrived at BABENHAUSEN at 20:00 h; covering a distance of approximately fifteen (15) miles.

Copy from the US National Archives Washington DC,

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geographical names by Peter Domes
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