Diary 37th Tank Battalion

26 MARCH 1945 (MONDAY)

The early hours of the morning were highlighted by unsuccessful air attacks on the bridge.

At about 01:20 h, the Battalion was alerted due to an enemy tank attack on the 25th Cavalry.

The day was dark with rain falling during the morning.

A Company Commander's meeting was held at 15:00 h. The Battalion was to remain in its present location until relieved by elements of the 7th Army.

Major Fee, S-3 of CC"B", visited the Battalion at 16:00 h.

Word was brought by our Liaison Officer at 17:00 h that we were to furnish a Medium Tank Company and a Platoon of Light Tanks as part of a task force to go on a special mission to the East. They were to attempt to rescue and bring back with them some American Prisoners of War.

Lt. Col. Abrams of CC"B", and Lt. Col. Cohen of the 10th Infantry arrived at the CP ant 18:00 h to discuss the mission with Major Hunter.

Plans were made for one medium tank company and one Infantry Company to make a break through at SCHWEINHEIM to allow the task force to pass through. B/37 and B/10 were to make this break-through. The task force was composed of C/37, A/10, and a Platoon of D/37.

B/37 and B/10 attacked SCHWEINHEIM after a heavy artillery concentration (3 Battalions of 10 volleys). Their mission was to open one street and hold it while the task force went through. The attack was made shortly after 21:00 h. Enemy resistance consisted of bazooka and small arms fire. B/37 and B/10 forced their way through town, overran an enemy mortar position, and held the route open until the task force passed through. One tank of B/37 was lost. Due to lack of any visible enemy, the operation was unusual. Thirty-five (35) enemy were captured and an unknown number killed.

B/37 and B/10 then returned and outposted the bridgehead.

Copy from the US National Archives Washington DC,

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geographical names by Peter Domes
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