Diary 37th Tank Battalion

25 MARCH 1945 (SUNDAY)

During the early hours of the morning, the enemy was surprised and overrun by the attack, causing them to destroy many supply dumps. Resistance continued to be light.

Daybreak found the Battalion at JUGENHEIM, having covered a distance of about thirty (30) miles, where we halted briefly to resupply the vehicles. Approximately 200 prisoners were taken from that town.

"D" Company was sent to NIEDERNBERG to attempt to secure a crossing. There was no bridge at this point. "D" Company then proceeded North to a railroad bridge across the MAIN River which it secured, after neutralizing demolitions on the bridge. "D" Company crossed the bridge and outposted the high ground on the East side.

A/37 had in the meantime been sent to ASCHAFFENBURG to try to secure the main highway bridge there. The bridge was blown when "A" Company was about 300 yards distant.

B/37, B/10, C/37, and A/10 crossed over the railroad bridge and started to attack ASCHAFFENBURG. They were withdrawn on order and remained East of the MAIN River, outposting with D/37 the high ground to the East of the river.

Enemy planes made unsuccessful attempts to bomb the bridge, starting shortly before dark and continuing throughout the night.

On the 24th and 25th, the Battalion had destroyed 27 trucks, 23 AA guns, 7 SP`s, 2 AT guns, 1 105 howitzer, 45 vehicles, 1 flak car, 1 motorcycle; 375 PW`s were taken and 90 enemy killed.

Copy from the US National Archives Washington DC,

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geographical names by Peter Domes
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