Along the Main river

The Germans retreated in disarray  on  Reichsstraße 26 towards Sackenbach, with light tanks of D-47 on their heels. In Sackenbach the tanks received Panzerfaust fire. The village was defended by a mixed German combat team, which had three guns. Air support was requested and CCB made it into Sackenbach after three hours of fighting. A big amount of buildings was destroyed or heavy damaged. The village inhabitants  had fled into the forrest, before the fighting had started. In Sackenbach  a regrouping was ordered and B-47 with infantrymen of A-19 took the lead from there on.

Just after leaving Sackenbach, the column received heavy mortar fire, which forced the infantry to jump off the tanks. Between Sackenbach and Nantenbach, the road had the Main river to its right and the railroad and wooded hills to the left. Here again the column received resistance. The Germans were dug in on the left side of the road and fired at the vehicles. It took the tanks and infantry a while to force them back. By dark the column reached after a short tank shelling the next village – Nantenbach.

On the morning of 4 April 1945,  CCB moved out for Langenprozelten. D-47 was  in the lead with infantry support from C-19. The next village – Neuendorf – was entered without receiving any resistance. Between Neuendorf and Langenprozelten was a knocked-out 30 wagon Flak-train. The soldiers thought it was disabled by an fighter-bomber attack. But actually it was the same train which was destroyed by Task Force Baum on 27 March 1945.


When the column approached the next town, the Germans opened up with mortars and machine guns. One of the light tanks was hit by a Panzerfaust just after crossing the railroad tracks. The tanks pulled back and an airstrike was requested and received immediately, because the fighter-bombers were already in the area.


Artillery was also called in, which gave direct support. The Germans pulled out of their positions, and A-19 cleared the village, followed by C-19. Before the column moved out again, with A-19 and tanks in the lead, they received mortar fire at the eastern edge of the village. Air and artillery support was again requested against the estimated enemy firing positions  in Gemünden.

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