Dear veterans and familiy members,

since 2000 we´re researching the history of Task Force Baum and the Hammelburg Raid. During this research we found documents, containing rosters of names from soldiers and POWs who participated. I think we have now an almost complete list of men from:

10th Armored Infantry Battalion (HQ and A Company)

37th Tank Battalion (C and D Company)

OFLAG XIII-B (List for the Red Cross dated 25 March 1945)

 We were contacted by veterans or familiy members to check if we could prove the participation. In some cases we could help to identify a soldier who was with Task Force Baum or a POW who was imprisoned at Hammelburg.

If you are looking for such information, please contact us and we will help you.

Best regards

Peter Domes & Martin Heinlein

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