C Company - 37th Tank Battalion


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C Company 37th Tank Battalion photographed 1 June 1944 at Devizes, England.

(Photo: Simon Kulinich)



A Tank company consisted of 17 tanks in 3 platoons with 5 tanks each and a headquarters section with 2 tanks. "C" Company 37th Tank Battalion was selected for the operation because this company had the most tanks compared with the other companies in the Battalion. The strength of the company was 2 officers and 48 enlisted men.

According to our available photos We believe the "C" Company was equipped with M4A3 and M4A3E8 tanks as well. We received new information, that at least one M4A1 took part in the raid. From the logistical point of few it was a nightmare, 3 different types of tanks, 2 different caliber for the tank guns. On 1 March 1945, all medium tanks (76 mm) of the 4th Armored Division received .50 cal MG from Army Air Corps to replace .30 cal MG as Coax-MGs. The .30 cal MG were then used as MGs for the tank commanders. There was also a tank recovery vehicle in this company - some veterans and eyewitnesses remember it.


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