Air Support

The fight for Gemünden was very heavy for the Task Force Baum. Captain Baum recognized the meaning of the Gemünden marshalling yard - some troop transport trains waited - and decided to request therefore air support via the L4-H Piper Cub liaison planes. The radio message was transmitted by pilot Damon to the Command Post of the 4th Armored division. The radio message was received by T-6 Siemsen of the 144th Armored Signal Company.

The XIX Tactical Air Command was directed to cooperate with the XII US-Corps. The request for air support was forwarded immediately.

About 14:30 hours, 8 P-47 Thunderbolts of the 392nd Fighter Squadron of the 367th Fighter Group heading for Gemünden marshalling yard. About 15:24 hours, the P47s reaches Gemünden and begin with their attack. 8 x 118 kg high explosive bombs and 13 x 567 Ltr. NAPALM-containers where used in the attack, additionally ground targets where engaged with board weapons. The pilots report after the air raid: 3 buildings and 6 TRUCKS destroyed, further 20 TRUCKS damaged - no air defense at Gemünden.

P-47 fighter bombers over Gemünden


Except this air attack there was no further air support for the Task Force Baum. The XIX Tactical Air Command employs its 3 Fighter Groups for combat reconnaissance in the Hanau - Fulda - Meiningen - Würzburg area. The pilots were ordered to watch for friendly tank columns between Aschaffenburg and Bad Kissingen which might move in a east or west direction between both town.

P-47 Thunderbolt

392nd Fighter Squadron, 267th Fighter Group, XIXth Tactical Air Command


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