JU-87 1st Attack



Only one German combat aircraft encountered the operation of Task Force Baum. It was a Ju-87 dive bomber, which attacked a single halftrack of the rear guard of the column at Obereschenbach at about 14:30 hrs.

The catholic Priest Robert Kümmert was an eye-witness. The bomber dropped 5 bombs, but al of them missed the target. The crew of the halftrack searched cover in a nearby house. The bombs fell west of the Reichsstraße 27 an made some big craters. Dirt and mud pieces caused by the explosions, made some damages on houses in the village. The damages can still be seen on Martin Heinlein's house (see the replaced red tiles).

The bomber was also spotted by the POWs at OFLAG XIII-B, who had no idea about their coming liberation.



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