SdKfz 138/2 HETZER

Tank Destroyer 38 (t) HETZER  7,5 cm PaK 39 L/48 S

In 1943 the German Army Command was interested in a light and high mobil tank destroyer. By the occupation of Czechoslovakia, Germany gained control on the Skoda factory. Czech tanks were famous for their chassis design. So the HETZER was designed with a 75 mm anti tank gun. The high mobil tank was the most successful tank destroyer. The low silhouette and the high firepower were remarkable. After World War II, the HETZER was used by the Army of Switzerland.


Technical Specification:

Weight: 16 t Length: 6,27 m
Width: 2,65 m Height: 2,11 m
Engine: 160 HP Speed: 35 km/h
Fuel tank capacity: 322 ltr Range: 129 - 209 km
Primary: 75 mm Pak 39/L48 Secondary: MG 7,92 mm
Primary: 41 x 75 mm Secondary: 600 x 7,92 mm
Front hull protection: 60 mm Crew: 4
Series: 1.577 Year of Production: 1944 - 1945


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