Diary 10th Armored Infantry Battalion


When awakened at 07:00 hours, the battalion was still in CCR and still in the town of Muenzenberg, Germany. We were alerted for immediate movement. Forward elements of our column moved out at 09:00 hours but were halted at Muschenheim, Germany by orders from higher headquarters.

At 12:00 hours all previous orders were rescinded and we received new attack orders and a different route of march. The objective for the day was to drive on the right flank of CCA and to make contact with them.

The attack was made with very little resistance and CCR had reached its objective by 17:00 hours; we received word that Task Force Baum had reached its objective and was returning with a large group of prisoners.

There were no reports of enemy resistance or activity during the night at 24:00 hours. During the day we destroyed 3 anti-aircraft guns, 1 truck and shot up several railroad cars and one engine.

"K", "C", 10 in 1 rations, fresh bread and water were issued to all units. Clean socks, gas and ammunition were also issued.

The weather today was cloudy with occasional showers. The morale of the troops remained excellent.

Casualties for this day were: 

3 NB

Other changes in effective strength were: 

59 reinforcements

6 returnees

Copy from the US National Archives Washington DC,

Corrections of German place-names and

geographical names by Peter Domes
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