Diary 10th Armored Infantry Battalion


The battalion was awakened at 07:00 hours and alerted for movement, still in CCR, and still in Babenhausen, Germany. The night passed quietly.

Our battalion S-2 half-track left at 10:15 hours for the vicinity of Aschaffenburg, Germany to maintain contact with Task Force Baum. At 14:30 hours the remainder of the battalion started moving out of Babenhausen and met no resistance. An enemy machine gun nest and burp guns fired on our Service Company but no one was hurt. We captured 60 prisoners.

The forward elements of our column entered Muenzenberg, Germany at 22:00 hours where the battalion is to remain for the night. By 23:30 hours all the vehicles of the battalion were in the town and security was posted for the night. The march was uneventful.

At 24:00 hours the battalion CP is in Muenzenberg and all units are maintaining strong security. The night passed quietly.

Rations issued today included "K", "C", 10 in 1, fresh bread and water. Clean socks, gas and ammunition were issued.

The weather for the day was sunny and warm. The morale is excellent.

Casualties for this day were: 




1 NB


Other changes in effective strength were: 

6 reinforcements

3 returnees

Copy from the US National Archives Washington DC,

Corrections of German place-names and

geographical names by Peter Domes
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