Diary 10th Armored Infantry Battalion

26 MARCH 1945 (MONDAY)

At 03:00 hours all units were alerted for a counterattack on our bridgehead. Some enemy tanks made an unsuccessful attempt to break through the outer ring of our defenses.

At dawn several enemy fighter planes and two bi-motor bombers flew over our positions and were fired upon. One bomber was shot down. All units are in the same positions as last night and we are still in CCB. The battalion CP is in the field in the vicinity of Aschaffenburg, Germany.

The morning was comparatively quiet. The battalion CP moved back across the Main River and was billeted in houses by 13:00 hours. In the afternoon all units were placed in a more compact defensive position.

Task Force Baum, consisting of Company "A", this unit, a company of medium tanks and a platoon of light tanks from the 37th Tank Battalion, the assault gun platoon of this unit, and elements of the reconnaissance platoon, prepared to liberate some American prisoners held 55 miles behind enemy lines. They left immediately after our Company "B" had cleared a town for them to pass through.

Task Force Baum is proceeding according to plan. They are meeting bazooka and small arms fire but the infantrymen of Company "A" are mopping up. The remainder of our units are maintaining strong security.

"K", "C", 10 in 1, fresh bread and water were the rations issued to all unitís today. Clean socks, gas and ammunition were also issued. The weather was fair and warm. The morale is excellent.

Casualties for this day were: 


21 WIA

2 NB


Other changes in effective strength were:

1 returnee

Copy from the US National Archives Washington DC,

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