Diary 10th Armored Infantry Battalion

25 MARCH 1945 (SUNDAY)

The battalion was awakened at 06:00 hours, still in CCB. We prepared for immediate movement. Attack continued all through the night with a short let-up around 05:00 hours. All missions successfully accomplished.

Company "B" and Company "B" of the 37th Tank Battalion entered Ober-Beerbach at 07:45 hours and quickly cleared the town. Company "D" of the 37th Tank Battalion then took the lead and the column really started moving, meeting very little resistance. At 09:30 hours the column entered Reinheim. All of our vehicles are being gassed on the road and the column is kept moving.

At 12:30 hours the column reached the town of Aschaffenburg on the Main River. One bridge was still intact across the river and six tanks and one peep crossed. The bridge was blown as the seventh tank was crossing. The remainder of our vehicles were then sent across along the RR bridge and our Engineers immediately started putting boards along the rails to make it possible to cross the bridge faster. Our tank and infantry companies had crossed the river and had taken positions on the other side of the river to secure the bridgehead by 14:00 hours.

Enemy foot troops were spotted in the edge of some woods near our vehicular assembly area at 15:30 hours and were fired on by personnel of the Roadquarters Detachment. They surrendered and the woods were sprayed by .50 caliber machine gun fire and a large group of infantrymen surrendered. 150 prisoners were captured in the encounter.

Company "A" and Company "B" and Company "C" of the 37th Bank Battalion started clearing the town of Aschaffenburg at 17:30 hours. The remainder of our units were in position in our bridgehead. At 17:50 hours orders were received from higher headquarters to disengage from the fight in the town and the battalion set up a large perimeter defense around our bridge and dug in for the night.

At 24:00 hours all units were maintaining strong outposts and were firing on any movement.

Rations issued for the day included "K", "C", 10 in 1 and fresh bread and water. All units were re-supplied with gas and ammunition.

The weather continued sunny and warm. The morale is excellent.

Casualties for this day were:



5 NB


Other changes in effective strength were:

No Changes

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