Diary 10th Armored Infantry Battalion


The battalion arose at 07:00 hours, still in CCR, and still in the town of Gotha, Germany. All troops were served a hot breakfast, by their respective kitchens at 08:00 hours.

At 09:00 hours, Captain Baum returned to the battalion after being wounded and hospitalized by the Germans while on Task Force Baum. He was recaptured by elements of the 7th Army.

Captain Newton visited the 37th Tank Battalion at 10:15 hours. The morning was spent in the care and cleaning of vehicles and equipment. Another hot meal was served by all kitchens at 12:00 hours. Captain Newton went to look over a range used by the 37th Tank Battalion, to be used by our battalion for firing our .50 caliber machine guns.

After an uneventful afternoon, another hot meal was served to the troops at 18:00 hours. The afternoon was spent in the nomenclature of the .50 caliber machine gun.

A movie, "Strike Up the Bank," was shown at 18.30 hours. A meeting was held of all staff officers and company commanders at 19.00 hours. We were notified that the battalion was taken out of CCR and placed in CCB and Lt. Col. Cohen was called to CCB for a meeting.

At 24:00 hours we received the route of march and order of march for an attack in the morning. All units are maintaining the usual strong security and the night is passing quietly.

The usual rations, with clean socks and gasoline were issued to all units in preparation for the drive beginning tomorrow.

The weather for the day was clear and mild. The morale of the men remained at a high level.

Casualties for this day were:



Other changes in effective strength were:

3 returnees

Copy from the US National Archives Washington DC,

Corrections of German place-names and

geographical names by Peter Domes
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