Diary 10th Armored Infantry Battalion


The battalion was still in CCR when they arose to first call at 07:00 hours. The CP is still in the town of NesselrOEden, Germany and we are awaiting orders to move. During the morning the troops cleaned their weapons and vehicles. There were no reports of enemy activity during this time.

At 14:00 hours the battalion received orders to move out at 14:30 hours and also the route of march. We have received no official word of Task Force Baum as yet.

Our column started moving at 14:30 hours out of the town of NesselrOEden. The march was made without mishap. We saw several enemy tanks and assault guns in the woods along the way which had been knocked out. After passing through the towns of Oesterbehringen, Germany at 17:00 hours and prepared to spend the night. All our companies are in position and are cutting all main roads in the vicinity of the town.

One enemy plane flew over the area but did not attack.

By 24:00 hours the night had passed quietly, with no reports of enemy activity. All units are maintaining the usual strong security.

The usual rations were issued today in addition to coffee, milk and sugar. Our new company was re-equipped with new half-tracks, armament, and personnel.

The weather for the day was cloudy with intermittent showers. The morale is excellent.

Casualties for this day were:

1 NB


Other changes in effective strength were:

No change

Copy from the US National Archives Washington DC,

Corrections of German place-names and

geographical names by Peter Domes
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